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Living in Spain


Our "permanent living" section includes information about where to live in Spain, Spain's education system, where to educate your children, schools, work, jobs, self employment or retirement in Spain, healthcare, insurance, and the practicalities of moving to and living in Spain.

Where to Live

Many people from Britain and other countries live in Spain. In general, property to buy or rent is affordable, and the climate agreeable.

First-time 'escapees' are advised to rent before buying. Living in another country can involve a substantial change in lifestyle so one tip is to try before you buy. Best to try in winter if posssible - the coastal areas of Spain have a different feel in winter in comparison to being in Spain during the summer months. It is of course possible to live somewhere different, for example, Green Spain, bordering the Atlantic Ocean in the north-west of Spain or to live in the Canary Islands where the temperature is fairly constant with warm weather throughtout the year. Alternatively, opt for the mountains, for example, The Pyrenees or the mountains of the Sierra Nevada in Andalucia in the south of Spain. Live on the Costa Tropical, for example, and experience sea, sun and snow all in one day - the beaches of the Costa Tropical and the ski resorts in the mountains are within a short drive. Alternatively, live in Almeria and experience a desert-like landscape, a dry climate, yet be within driving distance of mountains, nature and culture in the Granada region.

Owners with holiday propety to rent can place an ad. in the free classifieds. You can link your ad. to your personal website, availability calendar or photo of your property. Details about how to do this are shown on the classifieds page. Please also feel free to join Pineapple's Spain Forum. Your contributions are more than welcome.

This short introduction barely scratches the surface of Spain - there is much to discover in this country of contrasts. Different languages, varying regional cultures, cities, villages, coasts, lakes and mountains, but overall Spain excudes passion, and in the opinion of the author, a vibrance not typically felt in Britain. Join our free forum to find out more, exchange ideas or to chat with other members.